Enquir3 Feedback Plugin

The Enquir3 feedback plugin links to any existing Enquir3 feedback site you have. It presents recent promoted feedback in the form of a horizontal sliding display which the user clicks on to scroll through.

It displays

  • The first name of the client
  • The average star rating they gave
  • A portion of the feedback they provided
  • The date of when the feedback was given

There is a summary of all the feedback provided including; the average star rating, the total number of pieces of feedback and how clients would recommend your business.

The widget is customisable; you’re able to decide how many characters of the feedback testimonial is displayed as well as change the colour theme of the widget to match your site. You’re able to choose between light, medium and dark colour schemes.

The widget is responsive, automatically displaying a larger or smaller amount of testimonials depending on the size of the display.

You can also link the summary bar to another website. The example below is linked to www.business-advisor.org.uk.